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Professional Organizing Services

Professional Organizer- Closet Organizat

A Professional Organizer is Here to Help

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone. If you feel clutter is suffocating you, don't worry. Help is here. Perhaps you have struggled to get there on your own, or maybe time just doesn't allow you to get it done. By hiring a Professional Organizer we take it to the next level. Change is something we resist even when we desperately want it. There can be emotional, physical, or time restraints holding you in place when you desire a less stressful lifestyle.  We make your vision happen.  No reason to live or work in a cluttered environment that you wish was less stressful.  We can help you create a organized lifestyle that works for you in your everyday world, whether it be your home, business, garage or storage unit, we have done it all! There are available options in building a customized plan to create your vision while working within your budget.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Space with a Professional Organizer!

More Than a Move works in state and nationally to turn your kitchen, closets, kids room and garages into more efficient spaces

We Help Organize, Sort and De-clutter your Home

  • We meet with you in your home and create a plan of action
  • We discuss your vision and options
  • We establish a timeline

  • We implement three simple steps to unclutter and live or work in an organized space. (Whole home or room specific is your choice!)

  • We will work side by side teaching you easy to learn steps in creating the space you visualize. No more feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed or unmotivated

Professional Organizer Downsizing and Cl
Before & After
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